Taisuke Inui, UI / UX,
Graphic Designer


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What I can do

UI/UX Design, Graphic Design

I have more than 6 years of experience in coding and creative designs. I am always up to date with all the latest design techniques which include CMS WordPress integration, Twitter Bootstrap and EC based website creation. I am also familiar with responsive design techniques. All designs I create are 100% unique and they are not template based. I am offering high standard designs however I also create mobile apps interface and websites.
All of my creations have stunning visuals and user friendly interfaces that will bring you great conversions. I always ask about the target customers because that’s the only true way your company can reach your customers and gain conversions fast.

Growth Hacking with SEO
(Web Marketing)

If you want to boost your traffic, acquire more visitors then generate leads and customers that increase your conversion rate you need to perform a website analysis. I am a web professional with many years of experience in the industry and I am here to help. What I do is I help you change the content and website layout and I will help you acquire a more user-friendly approach. This will help lower the bounce rate and increase conversions.
I am also optimizing your content for SEO and I help you optimize your tags as well. I perform keyword research that will provide me with the best keywords which are suitable for your website.
Once I am done with your site, you will be able to see it reaching new heights and better search engine. I also use social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and many others to help promote your website.

About Me

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Taisuke Inui

I am a Japan-native and I am fluent in both Japanese and English. I have more than 6 years of experience in both coding and design and I created more than 100 websites as well as unique interfaces for other projects.
I believe that creating a website requires a good amount of knowledge and perfect communication. My clients appreciate the fact that I am fully dedicated to their project and that I can deliver a great functionality and look/feel for all their projects. If you need help with SEO, website/mobile app creation or optimization, I am here to help! Just use the contact box below to get in touch with me and I will soon get started with your project.

I use the following technologies:

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Responsive website design with Bootstrap
  • WordPress CMS customization
  • SNS marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Graphic design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator